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Kroger Feedback: As many companies and businesses all over the world, they are sustained by the customers they provide their products or services. So it is really necessary that these conglomerates look for information about the level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction some customers would have experienced during a visitor doing a deal with them. A trustable and common way to measure these levels is the use of surveys. By applying this instrument, businesses get all the positive and negative evaluation from clients; taking positive feedback as a way to keep doing a fine job and the negative data as an indicator of those aspects that need to be changed so the company will be better in the future.

Kroger Stores, a retail company, is in this line of action and it has implemented this tool to get a better communication with its clients. The store maintains the good service by taking advantage of the positive aspects mentioned in the survey answers and improves those negative aspects the clients commented in the questionnaire.

THE KROGER COMPANY, better known as Kroger, is a retailing company whose main office is located in the United States. The original Kroger Market Store was inaugurated in the year 1883 by Bernard Kroger. Its first location was 66 Pearl Street in downtown Cincinnati. The following year, Kroger opened the second store in order to satisfy the demand of its clients. But he did not only satisfy his clients’ needs by opening stores around; he also gave his customers products made by his company. One of the first products the store provided was bread, so his clients wouldn’t have the need to go to a bakery. By the year 1916, Kroger Market started to provide self-service shopping. In the continuing development of the company, the Kroger Stores were the first grocery business to monitor goods quality and to check food offered to clients; it was also the first store to be surrounded by parking spaces on all four sides of the store.


In its adaption to modern day life, the company announced in April 2016 the significant investment in Lucky’s Market, a chain of organic food supermarkets whose main office is located in Boulder, Colorado. By this venture, the group took in charge a total of 17 stores placed in 13 states covering a space from the Midwest and the Southeast of the United States. But the company doesn´t only deal with the business field, it has also joined efforts with higher education institutions, such as the University of Kentucky, and other organizations, like UK Athletics, sports and campus marketing associate JMI Sports to agree a deal of 12 years with a 1.85 million dollars per year campus marketing agreement. This arrangement includes the naming privileges to Commonwealth Stadium, the university’s football field, now retitled Kroger Field after the agreement; turning the University of Kentucky in the first academic institution in the Southeastern Conference to partner with a corporation about the naming rights to its football stadium.

Its limitations are not bounded to the selling of products; the Kroger Company has one of the biggest networks of private brand business in the country. A total of thirty-seven plants in seventeen states manufacture approximately 40% of the company private brand products. Also, the company, as the majority of supermarket shops, works on a three-level private label promoting approach.

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Kroger Feedback Survey at

Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey puts all its effort to take into account all the information provided by its customers and review the positive and negative aspects of it in order to reaffirm the good aspects and modify the bad features. By using this communication tool, Kroger company tries to keep its customers’ needs satisfied.

The completion of the survey will give the customer the chance to enter into the Kroger sweepstakes survey. This sweepstakes survey provides, as a reward for the time taken in the answer to the questions, one of the following items:

  • Gift Cards
  • Grocery Cards
  • Plus Card
  • 50 Fuel Points
  • Digital Coupons.

Any of these coups can be utilized at the moment of making a purchase on Kroger. Besides, the entrance in the survey site will give the opportunity to win $5000 in cash or grocery gift cards; $100 grocery gift cards; 50 Kroger fuel points; or Kroger digital coupons. All of them as a proof of the Kroger Company appreciation


To take part in the company’s survey, you have to fulfill the following conditions:

  1. Be 18 years or older
  2. A good Internet connection, whether you access by a computer or a smartphone.
  3. A purchase on any of the Kroger store not older than seven days.
  4. A good knowledge of English or Spanish, since the survey is available in any of those languages.
  5. A period of 12 to 15 minutes is all the time needed to answer the entire questionnaire.

The next steps are required to provide information about the company, its services and products:


  • Firstly, you have to visit the official website of the store (
  • Enter the date and time of your receipt and enter “Entry ID” provided in the receipt given to you at the moment of purchasing. All these data are necessary to begin the survey.
  • Once you access the survey, several questions will be shown to you. The answers you will provide based on your experience. Do not hesitate to answer every one of the questions
  • The following step requires the entering of your contact details and the loyalty card details (if you have one) in order to participate in sweepstakes offered by the company.
  • Once you finished the survey, you will receive 50 fuel points and you will take part in Kroger Store Sweepstakes.

Any technical problems at the moment of entering the site or answering the questionnaire should be communicated it to the Kroger support team. This contact can be made online via Chat or by a toll-free number. Kroger’s support team service is one of the best support provided by any company in the area.

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